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General Description
This manual describes how to use file sharing function. There are the following functionalities: login; upload files; download files.

File Name Requirement
Please do not use space or non-English character in the file name.

1.Input user name and password. Click "OK". (See Figure 1: Login)

Figure 1: Login


Upload Files
1.Click "Upload a file". (See Figure 2: upload file 1)
2.Click "Browse". (See Figure 3: Upload 2)
3.Select file to upload.
4.Click "Upload".

Figure 2: Upload file 1

Figure 3: Upload file 2


Download Files
1.Click "Download Click to download" of the file to download. (See Figure 4: Download 1)
2.Select "save this file to disk". Click "OK". (See Figure 5: Download 2)
3.Select file name and file path. Click "Save". (See Figure 6: Download 3)

Figure 4: Download 1

Figure 5: Download 2

Figure 6: Download 3